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Individual packaging solutions since 1902
For more than 100 years we produce exclusive individual presentation boxes in our facilities. Our creations are made of cardboard, which is die cut, tacked and laminated with processed paper.
As a result of several further production steps, carefully executed by our talented and experienced employees,
we obtain high class and luxurious presentation boxes.
We also process very exclusive materials such as velour, leather, velvet, silk etc...
Accessories like bows, ribbons, tassels or twisted cords refine the concept and optimise the presentation of your products.

Bühler Thermoforming arose from Bühler Feinkartonagen and developed itself to an independent department.
We process all usual thermoplastics. Besides inserts for presentation and folding boxes we also propose displays, blister packaging, clam shells and technical thermoformed tray as part of our program.

The department Bühler Transparent Packaging results from the acquisition of the machines and equipment of the insolvent company Moritz GmbH & Co. KG located in Lahr.
This step gives us the opportunity to wisely complete our offer.

We are now in a position to deliver you exclusive luxury boxes, thermoformed trays and transparent boxes!
All from one supplier and in the usual high quality level which you are used to.
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